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This week, in preparation for a trip out to Colorado in May, we have been working hard to schedule visits with fly shops, lodges, fishing clubs and fine dining establishments.  One of the things that makes this work (e.g. a ton of time on the phone) so rewarding is when you come across genuine people who lend a hand and also have that rare “glass half full” outlook. 

In this light we’d like to thank Maureen from The Frying Pan Anglers in Basalt, Colorado.  Out of the blue we gave her a call this morning and she took the time to provide an overview of the area which boasts two of the most prolific fisheries in Colorado – The Frying Pan and Roaring Fork Rivers. She explained local fishing conditions in depth and provide suggestions for where StoneFly Wines might pair well in terms of lodges and restaurants. She even highlighted another fly shop a few blocks down the street!

It sounds like the fishing has been outstanding in that neck of the woods and that the team at the Frying Pan Anglers has a depth of experience to make your visit all the more productive and enjoyable. So look them up the next time you’re in Colorado. Maureen- thanks much from StoneFly!


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At StoneFly Vineyards we are drawn to innovative and down-to-earth angling projects aimed at creating real value for people who fish. In this Sipping Trout blog we hope to bring these sorts of projects to your attention while [just to be straight with you here] inspiring you to keep your glass half full and partake in our collection of Napa Valley Wines.

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Along these lines, we’ve recently had the good fortune of meeting Amanda Switzer who’s working on great new project. It’s called The Angling Post (www.theanglingpost.com). Please visit the site and spend some time exploring. Note: If you refresh your browser enough on the site you’ll see StoneFly’s banner, which means we are in full support of this project and Amanda’s in support of ours. No dinero exchange involved, just like-minded exchange of advice and help spreading the word.

Anyhow, Amanda’s a successful angler, guide and fishing entreprenuer who’s caught more fish than a FFF-certified Pelican and has led hundreds of successful, smile-inducing angling expeditions all over the planet. Now, with all this experience under her wading belt,  she is set on sharing her info and  facilitating online exchange amongst anglers “who’ve been there”. Already she’s created a Facebook Group called Great Fishing Lodges that has proved tremendously useful and informative. And now she’s aiming her entrepreneurial double haul  in a new direction with The Angling Post.  

The purpose of The Angling Post is to provide those who angle with the opportunity to share information peer-to-peer about fishing lodges, guides and outfitters.  So often the reviews and information we find online or in print come from the businesses themselves (nothing inherently wrong with that) instead of the customers and fans of those businesses. Or we are inundated with paid advertisements that reflect the budget of the advertising business not necessarily the quality of their offering. And as a result we have a hard time trusting the information we are recieving. Deciding on a lodge or guide turns into an experience akin to sight fishing in muddy waters with steamed up polaroids.

Well Amanda and her team of angler-philes is focused on clearing up the waters of fishing info. We wish Amanda and her team all the best and appreciate their dedication to serving the angling customer.  Because in the end, it’s dedication to customer needs that keeps businesses and economies thriving. When that focus is lost we all know what happens.

Cheers and tight lines,

StoneFly Nick

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StoneFly Vineyards has just published our March edition of Reflections Newsletter. We hope this provides you with a good overview and sense of our mission, to pair the tradition of fly fishing with a stunning collection of wines crafted to the highest of standards.

Enjoy these articles and links.

Announcing StoneFly’s “On The Fly” Wine Country Excursions


StoneFly Nick


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