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Dear Friends:

Today on the Sipping Trout we are excited and honored to announce The StoneFly Prize in partnership with the Orvis Company.The StoneFly Prize We hope you will take a moment to learn about this program and let your friends know.

Pairing the enjoyment of fine wines with the tradition of fly fishing is our passion. And as you are well aware, a key thread uniting these traditions is stewardship of the land, the watersheds and the communities in which we work and live. Without healthy ecosystems there can be no sustainable agricultural base to support world-class winemaking. Nor will there be healthy and vibrant fisheries for generations of fly fishers to enjoy.

 At StoneFly Vineyards we strive to incorporate stewardship into our winery and business at every level. This includes developing innovative, high-impact programs to support organizations and projects which are enhancing the health of our watersheds and fly fisheries. Starting today, in partnership with The Orvis Company, we are excited and pleased to announce the first annual recipient of The StoneFly Prize.

Please visit our website to learn more


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