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StoneFly is proud to partner with Off the Hook Fly Fishing Travel in creating exceptional food, wine and fly fishing adventures in Wine Country with something we’re calling On the Fly Adventures. Off The Hook’s Mike Copithorne gives us this report from the last group outing:

Putah has recently (Dec 2009) been bestowed with catch and release only status by Fish and Game. This is something that Putah Creek Trout and others have been working hard on for years. Toby Uppinghouse, who along with guide John Berry, guided this group says “this is the best thing that has happened to Putah Creek in years”…and “fishing is going to improve in a major way”.  With regards to this particular trip, the camaraderie with this group was outstanding along with the food, wine and scenery. Putah is known to be a challenging fishery, but the group caught some nice trout and seemed to have had as much fun ribbing each other over missed strikes as they did with the fish that were landed. After a nice lunch from local Napa favorite Oakville Grocery, and some tasty deserts, they capped things off with a relaxing and informative food and wine paring back at the tasting room in Yountville. These guys would never be guilty of letting grass grow under their feet. After reflecting on the events of the day over a glass of StoneFly, they were off to San Francisco for dinner.

Sounds like a wonderful experience! For more information please visit On The Fly or call Off The Hook Fly Fishing directly at 1-877-CATCH77


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