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We are honored to partner with the Orvis-Endorsed Lodge at Glendorn, located in Bradford, PA. This resort combines an outstanding fly fishery with the finest in culinary talent and wines.

Food and fishing at The Lodge at Glendorn

A beautiful combination of fine dining and fine fishing at The Lodge at Glendorn.

For the fly fisher, Glendorn boasts 1280 acres and is home to Fuller Brook– a crystal clear, spring influenced freestone stream.  To satisfy your culinary and wine tastes, Dinner at Glendorn is an experience in itself. Their philosophy of cuisine is to start with the world’s finest ingredients and present them in innovative and exciting preparations and, of course, pairing with some of the world’s finest wines. We are very pleased to have been chosen as a featured wine on Glendorn’s wine list and encourage you to learn more about this wonderful destination resort.

Visit the Lodge at Glendorn www.glendorn.com


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